Several years ago I purchased an adorable hallway table from Target and over several years it has been put to great use, even doubling as a computer desk at one point.

Years of cleaning and moves have worn out the poor table and I nearly got rid of it last month. I’m really glad I didn’t! A lot of TLC and a little paint have given the table a whole new life.

When I decided I wanted to try refurbishing the table, I knew instantly that I wanted something distressed in an antique white. I began researching how to do it and found paint you can put over a piece of furniture to distress it without having to strip it, sand it, etc…… AND Sgt. Gummy Bears (as my coworkers have taken to calling my Marine because he likes me enough to bring 3 pound bags of gummy bears to my office) was not having any of that.

He wanted to do it the right way. (Read, the long way).

The steps:

The table was first stripped and scraped which sounds much harder than it looked but included several steps in itself. (Make sure to wear gloves)

Next, he sanded it with steel wool and rubbed paraffin on the edges where the table naturally gets worn. The point of the wax is to prevent the paint from adhering to the wood.

From there, he used the antique white paint I purchased at Home Depot. The table only took one coat which was nice. Once it was dry, course steel wool was used to remove the wax, thus giving the distressed look. The table was then lightly sanded as well to complete the distressed look.

Now was the hard part, I wanted to immediately put the polyurethane on the table and then get it in the house. Nope. Sgt. Gummy Bears said the paint had to cure properly, which meant letting the table sit for an entire week. An entire week I had to see this beautiful table sit in my garage and I could not bring it into my house.

But once the week past, I put two coats of polyurethane over the table over the course of two days. A little goes a long way and I had to do some light sanding to remove the excess polyurethane in between coats.

But finally, after more than a week, my newly distressed table is in the hallway covered in framed pictures of my kids.

I spent about $60 on materials for a table that cost me about $120 many years ago. It was definitely worth it and I’m glad I didn’t toss it and spend more money on a brand new one. I also have tons of materials left and have already started going through the house deciding which piece of furniture to do next.

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