There is this odd thing that happens when you turn 30. My mom had warned me for years that my high metabolism would eventually go away and I would actually have to start taking care of myself and skin. It took until I was 31, but overnight I noticed it. I woke up and did my morning normal routine and there it was. Staring at me in the face like a pimple on the tip of your nose.

Yep you guess it… aging spot and pesky crowsfeet.

Not only could I eat anything I wanted without seeing some kind of result (generally negative), and I could no longer keep up with my kids. I was losing energy and losing it fast also my skin is feeling it too.

It didn’t take long to realize that I was going to have to watch my diet and exercise a few times a week. And after starting a nice routine, I found a good balance in weight and energy. And then just when I hit my peak and I was in a nice routine and hitting the gym, life did what life does. It got stressful. Over time life piled up on me and I was slowly letting it take over.

By the end of 2013, I had completely lost my motivation.

I’m not sure if it was the cold weather and the snow, or just a general lack of desire to do much after the holiday excitement dissipated; but my every-other-day workout routine was non-existent and I was in hibernation mode. I was tired and I wasn’t eating as healthy as I had previously, and that general lack of care was showing.

So when our morning meteorologist Liz emailed me the 30-day challenge, I accepted. I had written out my 2014 goals and getting back into my exercise routine was on the list. While the workout challenge wasn’t exactly a hard-hitting workout per se, it was a daily reminder that being active is important. And I felt accountable to Liz to complete it once I started. Plus, after spending the last two months with half-attempted workouts, I thought starting off small and slowly building up each and every day would get my motivation going again.

I started February 1st and I’m already noticing a difference. I’m more awake and alert, and I have a better attitude in general about being physically active. And not to mention that my abs ached a little on day 3 which was also a sign that I had definitely let my lack of exercise get out of hand.

I’m sharing the 30-day challenge with you for those who would like to join us. My hope is that after 30 days, not only will I feel more energy, but that I will have a renewed love for exercise like I did prior to the holidays.

The 30-Day Challenge